Since Donald Trump became a serious contender in the 2016 elections, the political realm has been full of turmoil between the ethics of the candidates and their ability to efficiently run this country. The world became privy to the pros and cons of each of the new prospective elects and soon made their decisions about who they wanted to see inaugurated. For the millennials the choice was clear, Bernie Sanders was who we wanted in the Oval Office. His ideas were radical and in alignment with the aspects of our culture that we hold dear, examples being free college, legalizing marijuana, racial justice, and creating decent paying jobs for everyone. We latched on to this hope for an America that fit our needs and aspirations so tightly that we were devastated when Bernie lost the Democratic nomination to Hillary Clinton. 

As this election was many of the millennial’s first time voting, not being able to pick someone we wanted was tough. We knew that Hillary was not going to offer us the same policies as Bernie. Also, we are too young to see a Hillary that hadn’t run against current President Barrack Obama. All we knew about the woman is that she is married to former President Bill Clinton, she was President Obama’s Secretary of State, and she was involved in a major email scandal during her time as Secretary of State. She wasn’t enough compared to Bernie, causing several people to contemplate voting for her or even voting at all. As November neared closer and closer the millennials panicked at the decision they would soon be forced to make.

Many of us became educated on the write-in process, hoping that this would be their second chance to pick a president right for them. Others just became stubborn and annoyed with the choice between Hillary and Trump so they resolved not to choose what was called “the lesser of two evils.” It was soon found that Bernie was not a registered write-in candidate so the internet was flooded with memes urging folks not to “waste” their vote. 

The night of the election sent a shock through this country that no one from this generation had ever felt. Donald Trump was elected president. Protest erupted at several college campuses across the nation; the millennials were not happy. The results of the exit polls show that 56% of 18-24 year olds that voted chose Hillary. Another fact to go along with this is that 49% of those who voted have or are gaining a college education. From this it can be concluded that educated millennials voted for Hillary. They saw through the propaganda and slander that Trump was spewing throughout the entire race and knew that Hillary was a better choice for them.

During a time where millennials are looked down upon and called lazy and ignorant, those that voted gave proof against those claims. If it were up to just the millennial vote to decide the 2016 presidency, Hillary Clinton would have won with over 400 electoral votes versus Trump’s 20. This just goes to show, if anyone is angry over the results of the 2016 election, don’t blame the millennials.

Photo Credit: Duff Moses


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