UC Merced’s Historical Journal is back! The Undergraduate Historical Journal was formed by undergraduate History majors in 2014. Those students – Rocco Bowman, Charles Borsos, Petter Racco, Daniel Rios, and Sarah Spoljaric – wanted to introduce and improve professionalism within the major. With the support of faculty, they led the campaign to create a professionally published online digital historical journal led by students for students, similar to the Undergraduate Research Journal. With the journal being published digitally by E-scholarship, (http://escholarship.org/uc/ssha_uhj) authors can even track how many times their article has been viewed and/or downloaded by readers. The Historical Journal’s Editor in Chief, Verenize Arceo, claims that “authors will be able to see the impact of their paper.”

The start of the 2017-2018 Academic year, however, left the publication in limbo. Hearing that the paper may not be published this year, a number of History majors and minors banded together to ensure the Journal would be published. They want to help make the Undergraduate Historical Journal a permanent fixture in the academic community. All recommended by faculty within the History department, they make up the Journal’s current staff. 

Akhila Yechuri

  • Editor
  • Third Year Public Health Major; interested in pursuing a Minor in History
  • Her paper Ecclesiastical Divorce in the 19th Century: Implications and the Status of Women was published in this past edition of the journal

Pooja Dimba

  • Editor
  • Third Year Management Major; interested in pursuing a Minor in History

Israel Pacheco

  • Editor
  • Third Year Political Science Major; Interested in pursuing a Minor in History

Adrien Gomes Da Costa

  • Editor
  • Fourth Year History Major

Verenize Arceo

  • Chief Editor
  • Fourth Year History Major; Minor in Political Science


Papers are due Thursday, October 19th, 2017 by 11:59pm. Individuals do not have to be History Majors, however, papers should demonstrate the basic elements that make a history paper (Chicago Citations, Historically related, etc.). Papers may be submitted via email; simply email your papers to the following email address: ucmercedhistoricaljournal@gmail.com. Once submitted, there is a vetting process to determine the merits of each individual work. There will be constant communication between the editors and the authors of each work to ensure it is the best possible work to be published. 

Why should you want to be published? Editor in Chief Arceo said, “…it provides Undergraduates with the rare opportunity to get published as an undergraduate student! For anyone pursuing graduate school, this could be a unique element that could be incorporated into your CV. Regardless of what you choose to do after your time at UC Merced, getting a paper published shows a committed/ driven/ hardworking individual that would be a standout candidate in any field post-undergrad.” Furthermore, for those interested in becoming a part of the Undergraduate Historical Journal, positions are currently open for more editors, with the final goal being the longevity of the journal. If interested, please email them at ucmercedhistoricaljournal@gmail.com.

Photo Credit: Marcus Fox


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