With the heat of both the sun and crowd shining on the Bobcats, the calmness of their communication as a team shifted the scoreboard in the first half of the game.

The day August 22 is memorable to many. It is the first day of classes for some. It is the first day of a college class for others. It is the first game day and it became the Bobcats first win of this year. Bobcats came face to face with the Westmont Warriors on the new field. 

As fans, friends, families, and fiends flocked the bleachers, excessive cheering complimented the introduction of the players and the minutes leading up to the start of the game. The crowd’s liveliness and hype heightened even through the heat. 

Through the countless stumbles and attempts to keep the ball closer to their goals, the Bobcats and the Warriors’ efforts are backed up by the crowds cheers respectively. Around the 38 minute mark was when the Bobcats’ roar had woke up the entire crowd and solidified the entire game. Senior forward Artemio Contreras scored with the help of sophomore midfielder Juan Flores.

“All of us worked hard and we just have a huge amount of talent this year, and we’re just backing it up, backing it up,” Flores said. “As an individual, I think I did pretty good, I try to be as much of a team player as I could, and I mean we got the results. As a team, we did amazing; the bench was popping, our team was talking and we just did good.”

Following the goal, there were more bumps between players, out-of-bounds, very close goals, and a lot of referee calls.  With the rigor of both team, the scoreboard stayed still and the Bobcats took the victory. Sophomore midfielder Marcus DeCouto talks about his feeling prior to this first game and the difference from when the game starts. 

“Before the game, we were excited, a lot of buzz in the first real game on this new field,” DeCouto said. “A lot of fans turned out. During the game, the nerves and everything go away and you do your thing and we did what we needed to do today.”

The Bobcats will have their next home game on Sept. 3 versus the Oregon Institute of Technology. As for their next game, Bobcats will go against Menlo College at Atherton; there is live coverage of the game through this website: <https://portal.stretchinternet.com/menlo/>.

Photo Credit: Marcus Fox


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