UC Merced had started its 2020 Project back in 2017, and since then there have been major changes to the school. The school now has new resident buildings and a new dining center, but the most talked about and the most prominent new structure  are the Bellevue and Scholars parking lots. 

About the Parking Lot

Just south of the 2020 construction is the “new” parking lot that will hold 1,570 net new parking spaces. In light of this, there is still a construction fence. This fence was expanded to work on the new recreation fields and the student’s wellness and counseling sites. 

Classes are held at the top of campus (Top Left) while the Bellevue Lot is next to the residence halls (Bottom Right)

The Problem

Although the Bellevue parking lot has its perks, there is a problem that many students are complaining about: 

The walk 

One argument made was that the walk from the parking lot to class was way too long. Monica Ponce – Ramirez said. “ Maybe if the school cared about its students, they wouldn’t make us walk all the way up to class when we have to park way down here; and we aren’t even allowed to park in the parking lots closer to school.”

The layout 

Another argument made was concerning where the parking lot was built. People are wondering why the parking lot was made to be down, where most of the residence halls are, when most people who drive here are visiting or taking classes all the way up the hill along Scholar’s Lane. 

On the other side of the spectrome, students are complaining about the complainers.

It’s a new school

People who support the parking lot are saying that, “it’s a new school and you should know that when you come to school you should be expected to walk. Also, other colleges have more of a walk and if you hate it then get a bike. You knew there was going to be construction, be understanding that the school is growing.”

The Fence

In summary, one problem that all the students can complain about it is the fence that blocks students from walking across the plants to get to scholars lane. At first, the school put up a makeshift fence but after that was torn down by students who obviously didn’t want it there. Then, the University put up a real fence and even started ticketing students who didn’t walk on the sidewalk. This has most students angry and finding new shortcuts to take to get to class faster.  

So whether or not you’re for or against the fence, the school will keep it either way. 

Photo Credit: Lucy Bautista


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