Hello Bobcats!

Recently, our website has been under maintenance. When this past spring semester came to a close, The Prodigy editors collectively decided that we wanted to repair and revamp the website. But in the process of doing so, all of our posted articles and photos were lost. As you can imagine, this was a bittersweet experience for us: while we may have lost a lot of work that we were proud of, were also given the opportunity to rewrite our image. Over the past few weeks, we have been hard at work selecting articles and photos to repost, but because we were given this clean slate, it has been a long process. Unfortunately, many of the articles that existed on the “old site” have disappeared, but we are doing our best to post what we can. 

Additionally, we have changed/added some features. Make sure to take advantage of our new forms section! If anyone would like to apply for a position or has any events that they would like covered, we have an interest form that can be found on the “Contact Us!” tab in the menu. 

By the time this article is viewable, The Prodigy will be back up and running, working hard to produce new content. We are excited to see what this new site and semester have in store for us. 

Have a great rest of your summer!

Photo Credit: Lucy Bautista

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CC Gillespie
Hello! My name is CC Gillespie, and I am a proud journalist. After falling in love with the arts and humanities at a young age, I have done everything I can to become involved in various hobbies which would cultivate my curiosity. This lead to me developing a passion for activities such as hiking, drawing, writing, and photography. Additionally, having grown up in Santa Barbara, I learned to love nature and the ocean at a young age, and still consider it home. When I wasn't spending my time outdoors, I kept busy by participating in my nationally ranking high school yearbook program. After serving one year as staff and two more as an editor, I learned that media was something I never wanted to give up. My passion for the field of journalism is undying, and I strive to explore the different perspectives that life has to offer.


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