Jocelyn Foster

A writer for The Prodigy News

The Millennial Struggle of the 2016 Election

Since Donald Trump became a serious contender in the 2016 elections, the political realm has been full of turmoil between the ethics of the candidates and their ability to efficiently run this country.

One Year Later: A Reflection of the November 4th Incident

fter reading the words from the email alert, my mind went into shock. For a couple seconds, I couldn’t move, think or breathe. Then all at once, my body sprang into action.

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ASUCM Funding Fact Check: SSHA and STEM

In any government, whether it be on a macro or micro scale, turmoil is bound to brew-- and our student government is no different.

New Site, New Start

Recently, our website has been under maintenance. When this past spring semester came to a close, The Prodigy editors collectively decided that we wanted to repair and revamp the website.

Dance the Night Away

On April 27, 2019 the University of California, Merced had its annual Coachella concert. Cowchella is an annual spring concert for UC...

SPARKing Interest

"Other than CORE 001, nothing else was supported as a campus-wide requirement; this meant that students who changed schools, especially students who transferred as juniors, had to meet a whole new set of G.E. requirements”. Having a campus-wide requirement meant that students who changed their major or transferred schools could have a better opportunity to finish on a set time.

Press Release: “UC Merced student newspaper to lose only source of funding”

UC Merced’s student newspaper, The Prodigy, could lose all of its funding from the Associated Students of UC Merced, or ASUCM, becoming the next publication on a UC campus to go head-to-head with its student government.