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ASUCM Funding Fact Check: SSHA and STEM

In any government, whether it be on a macro or micro scale, turmoil is bound to brew-- and our student government is no different.

Press Release: “UC Merced student newspaper to lose only source of...

UC Merced’s student newspaper, The Prodigy, could lose all of its funding from the Associated Students of UC Merced, or ASUCM, becoming the next publication on a UC campus to go head-to-head with its student government.

A Clash of Communities

Myrna Bennett displayed the sign, “Hell is hot, don’t be a thot,” and Brother Jed held one which said, “ask me why you deserve Hell.” While the altercation began as a small movement, with only a few students engaging in the conversation, it quickly became heated.

UC Merced Bellevue Lot

Just south of the 2020 construction is the “new” parking lot that will hold 1,570 net new parking spaces. In light of this, there is still a construction fence. This fence was expanded to work on the new recreation fields and the student’s wellness and counseling sites.

UC Merced’s Significance to the San Joaquin Valley

UC Regents saw great potential in the San Joaquin Valley, which presented a vast territory and a promising economy, fruit to being one of the most productive agricultural regions in the world, and in 1998, they decided that the tenth campus in the UC system would be located in Merced.

UC Merced Homelessness Project

The University of California, Merced was specifically built in the city of Merced to help improve the area both socially and economically. As a result of this--along with the large number of homeless individuals near the UC campus--some students have been moved to try to make a difference within the community.
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